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Flashback to the seventies where the mainstream fashion was revolutionary. From jeans to hushed hues and pastels served as further softening agents in a pivotal point of this effortless style trend. Elliot Eisenberg's latest blog on sneaker stupidity shares a pair of unworn 1972 Nike waffle racing flat ‘moon’ shoes sold at auction for $437,500 surpassing any existence of modern-day shoes.

Elliot's Eisenberg, the Bowtie Economist: Sneaker Stupidity

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Merging elements of art and architecture in contemporary homes around the world have taken the market by surprise! Visit Luxe Trends to see the featured functionality of homes worldwide.

Luxe Trends: Making A Statement: Contemporary Homes

For all you Derby fans, this article is for you! Being the longest multi-horse race in the world, this 70-year old and his horse came in 8th place which included over 80 hours of racing. 

Elliot's Eisenberg, the Bowtie Economist: Mongolian Master

Luxe Trends provides all insights into the high-end property market around the world. Take a look at these luxury estate homes that Luxe Trends identifies as emerging trends. 

 Luxe Trends: Trends in Home Design 



10 Design Trends making their way through homeowners doorways. Some of these trends take it way back utilizing spaces by implementing wooden ceiling beams and arched doorways, others are adding individuality with design elements such as wall and door decals. Many are transitioning into a high gloss finish throughout the kitchen appliances to open up spaces and create a sleek look that is pleasing to the eye. Visit Houzz 10 Design Trends Coming to a Home Near You for more design trends on revamping any space of your home.