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Single-family homes for sale in NaplesFinding a single-family home in Naples? The most beautiful homes are available whether you are finding a second home in our magnificent sub-tropical climate, or this is your permanent, year-round residence.

Naples, Florida is home to a rich and vibrant real estate market, featuring more choice than many similarly-sized cities across the globe. Single-family homes for sale in Naples come in a vast range of types, ranging from smaller, modest ranchers that focus more on their stunning surroundings, to massive luxury estates that are famous for their architecture and which soak up the spotlight all on their own. Many of Florida's most prominent real estate destinations are renowned for their condos: iconic skyscrapers that look out upon white sand beaches and cobalt waves. This is where Naples stands out. Embracing homebuilding with a timeless approach to luxury, Naples single-family homes take advantage of their spacious, serene surroundings with full-sized properties and private, detached havens that owners can see breathtaking views from. If you're looking to live in one of the country's most upscale cities, you'll be sure to find a gorgeous Naples home for sale—whatever your budget may be.

Browse the extensive real estate listings below to view all the amazing Naples single-family homes for sale on the market. You can also choose to read more about the different detached houses and estates in this affluent and naturally stunning coastal paradise.


Single Family Homes

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Luxury Single-Family Homes For Sale In Naples, FL

Discover Naples single-family housesSingle-family homes for sale in Naples, FL average in price at over $700,000, due to the wealth of upmarket estates in the city. This is a relatively high average for any locale, but in Naples, single-family homes can range anywhere from $120,000 and reach prices of up to $60,000,0000.

Luxury single-family homes start at around the mid-$700,000s; at this approximate price, buyers could purchase a 3,500 square foot newer Mediterranean home with beautiful, contemporary interior finishing, 20-ft ceilings, and a resort-style swimming pool. This price bracket also includes many of Naples' gated communities which feature similar stucco waterfront homes surrounded by state-of-the-art leisurely amenities. A large majority of Naples luxury single-family homes are priced in the $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 range, where you'll find a blend of contemporary and classic Mediterranean, modern, and West Indies style homes that beautifully combine indoor and outdoor living. There price increase becomes less gradual after around the $5,000,000 mark, and available homes jump from under $10,000,000 to $20,000,000, from $20,000,0000 to $50,0000,0000, and from $50,0000,000 to $60,000,000.

 Living In A Naples Luxury Home

Living In Naples homesLiving in a Naples luxury home is a privilege unlike any other. Many of these homes come with tangible benefits — memberships to private country clubs, boat dockage, or private sports amenities. However, the best part of owning a Naples single-family home is true whether you're living in a $400,000 villa or a $20,000,000 masterpiece estate designed by top local architects. And that is the pleasure of having a beautiful and exclusive haven to retreat to within the world-class city of Naples — one of the greatest places anyone could find a home in.



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